Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Flower Beauty Cosmetics

I have been hearing a lot lately about Drew Berrymore's latest project, developing her own line of cosmetics called FLOWER BEAUTY.  Here is her philosophy straight from the website:
So, the other day I made a trip to a local Walmart that carries Flower Beauty (not all locations do - so make sure you check first) and bought a couple things that stood out to me. To give you an idea of what I usually by as far as cosmetics, I have very sensitive skin, blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and porcelain with occasional breakout skin.
This is what I ended up getting:
PP1 Powder Trip Powder Foundation
LF3 About Face Foundation 
What's The Daffidilly-O? Nail Lacquer (LOVE THIS COLOR)
Win Some, Rouge Some Creme Blush
Petal Kiss Luxury Lip Color Kiss Stick
**Not full coverage color - very light lip color pink**
BCI Lighten Up Illuminating Concealer 

Here is the end result, very wearable, light, natural looking makeup.
Since I didn't have everything of this line, I used some of the makeup I already had.
I was so pleased with the turnout, I am looking forward to trying a wider variety of products from this line, including the lip butters and eye shadows.

Try it out, you will fall in love with Flower Beauty and it won't break your bank.

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