Sunday, January 24, 2010

Julie & Julia

I am watching the most wonderful, charming movie right now....Julie and Julia.

Rent it, buy it, who cares how you get your hands on it, just get it!!!!!

I have never been interested in Julia Child. As a child she always seemed so comical on her cooking show that I never took her seriously. Also, as a child, I was never interested in the art of cooking. Now, as an adult, a housewife, a woman, I find myself googling recipes and looking through cookbooks at the bookstores. Now, after watching this movie, I love Julia Child! Not only was she such a wonderful cook, she was a wonderful person. She seems like such a caring, carefree woman - who never showed worry on the outside and could make friends with anyone. Someone I would love to meet any day. Another note - Meryl Streep, did a wonderful job portraying Julia. In my opinion, this is her best movie yet.....

Here is the link to Julie's blog (yes, she still writes on her blog) The movie takes place in 2002 though, so you then have to follow her link to to the "Julie/Julia Project begins and click back to 2002 on the calendar. She seems like such an interesting person and I love how straight forward she is in her writing. She kind of reminds me of me, when I started my blog.

Next step after this, buy the book. I know, with this next week off from work, I will be running to Barnes & Noble and will be reading this book.

Go to her blog, read her book, cook the recipes, see the movie - experience JULIE & JULIE!
P.S. I just saw the ending....and I'm a little disappointed. It never said if Julie and Julia meet. Why????? Very disappointed (but still want to get the book and read Julie's blog)!
P.S.S. I did some searching, and according to an interview with Julie - she never was able to meet Julia. Very sad....

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  1. I have to agree with you. The movie was super cute. I hated the ending though. Did Julia really hate the blog and if so why? Still a good movie though. Just turn it off before the ending!


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