Monday, July 13, 2009

Just heard....

I just heard the news, Jessica Simpson and her longtime boyfriend Tony Romo have split!!!!

Tony decided to give Jessica a memorable 29th birthday present, a broken heart!!! What a loser! Just goes to show you that some guys never stop being jerks, even when you date them forever. Even though they have been together for quite some time, I never saw them photographed looking truly happy. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did, and how rude to dump someone right before their birthday!

Coincidentally, Nick Lachey and his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo just decided to give their relationship the old "heave hoe" too.
Am I wrong for secretly wishing that Jessica and Nick got back together and lived happily ever after.....again? You must admit, they did look happy in the beginning? It wasn't until all the fame and fans overpowered their lives, that their personal life began to go sour.
Poor Nick, his ego probably shriveled up and disappeared. He was the star at the beginning of their relationship, and then was shoved in the corner when Jessica's rising popularity allowed her wallet to grow larger than her once popular husband's. I believe that this was the reason for their breakup. Jessica became a huge icon and Nick became a "has been stay at home husband."

Being a hopeless romantic, I do believe that Jessica and Nick truly loved each other and I hope they can get together as adults and re-kindle their relationship.
Keep your fingers crossed, I know I will.
(I know, I'm a dork)

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