Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

As some of you may know, my best friend Lauren is having her wedding ceremony next week in Vegas. What you may not know is....I'm going to be a BRIDESMAID!!

The whole bridesmaid role is kind of exciting....and frustrating!

Exciting - being in my best friend's wedding
Frustrating - getting my dress ready

Lauren picked out a very nice strapless dress for her bridesmaids (thank goodness I lost a bunch of weight) in peridot from David's Bridal. The only thing is, ever since my wedding, I have had nothing but bad luck with David's Bridal.
  • They failed to mention all the additional charges for alterations when I purchased my wedding dress from them and my mother got so mad she had to leave the store, so she wouldn't embarrass me in front of everyone at David's Bridal.
  • I went to order my bridesmaid dress and it took forever to have someone even talk to me.
  • I finally walked out of one David's Bridal location after being there for 2 hours. Amazingly, I knew the dress I wanted, the size, color, and shoes before I even got there. You would think it would be a painless procedure right? NOT!
  • I ended up calling my order into another location and they told me I had to call another location in another state had them ship me my items.
  • My dress had to be ordered direct from the factory because they discontinued the color.
  • When I went to pick up my dress I thought I would order my shoes at the same time. I was left alone to go through all the shoes while the salesperson disappeared. I stood there in my dress, barefoot for 45 minutes waiting for someone to check their stock for my size.
  • Also, my dress needed alterations. I took it to a local dry cleaner to hem 2 inches, and they told me I could pick it up next Thursday, we leave for Vegas Saturday morning (cutting it short - just a little).

Now that I have vented....

Next week is when everything will come together, I have my hair appointment, I will get my nails done, I will pick up my dress from being hemmed and cleaned and we will be driving to Vegas for the wedding. Keep your fingers crossed everything runs smoothly. My luck I will end up with purple hair, my dress will be too short and I will brake my arm the night before.

Too be continued....

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