Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I finally received my Prismacolor markers. They are awesome! I'm sure they aren't as nice as the Copic markers that I was dying to get, but to have all the colors for the price I paid, I can deal.

After receiving the markers, I was itching to try them out on a couple of new stamps I recently bought. Here are a couple of pictures of the tryouts I did. I think they turned out pretty cute for not actually trying. What do you think?

Also, I finally placed a couple of orders for some Magnolia stamps. I have been looking all over online for the best deal on Magnolia stamps and I have found two websites that carry the best selection and have the best prices. I first went to www.rosesonpaper.com and looked at what they had that www.7kidscollegefund.com didn't and purchased what they had in stock. Then I went over to www.7kidscollegefund.com and purchased the majority of their Magnolia supply, since they have the best price on their Magnolia stamps and websites tend to run out quick.

I am so excited to get these stamps and be able to play with them with my new markers. I will keep you posted with the many projects I have planned.

Here are links to the two websites I mentioned:

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