Sunday, April 12, 2009

My attempt at gardening

Ok, so, we have some friends coming out from New York this week, and crazy me thought it would be a good idea to lre-andscape the front yard.

I've been making numerous trips to Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart, picking up flowers here and there as well as magazines and books for inspiration. Also, spending hours and hours researching flowers online.

Well, at 6:00pm tonight, I made my final stop at Walmart on the way home to get mulch and soil. As soon as I got home I changed my clothes and went to work. Four hours later I was finished with the garden bed by my front door. My neighbors must think I'm crazy, digging and planting in the dark, with only my porch light to aide me in my obsessive compulsive behavior.

So, after much research and hard work I am proud to present you with photos, before and after of my garden bed by my front door. Stay tuned for other parts of the's slowly getting there.

Before: This is after I ripped out all the dead plants from winter. The daffodils came up on their own without me knowing it. It was a nice spring surprise.

After: I went with a perennial theme. Since we live in a section of Utah where the soil is both clay-like as well as sandy, perennials seemed like the flower choice for me. Recycled rubber covers the soil to create a uniform, eco-friendly backdrop for the perennials (which also recycle themselves every year). It took me forever to find the perfect flowers for my garden.
I think the end result turned out pretty good for my first attempt at gardening/landscaping???
Note: next to the drain was a thorny bush I recently ripped out, releasing frustration from work. I have yet to figure out what will go in its place. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

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