Monday, March 9, 2009

New Comforter

Ok, so those who I have talked to recently, know that I have been having a hard time finding a comforter to match my very colorful master bedroom. When we moved into our house, the master bedroom was already painted a light brown and rust color, on different walls. We haven't had the time to repaint, so we decided to stick with what we have until we get more time and money to do a complete remodel.

So, after going through 3 different comforters, hours online looking at bedding and multiple trips into Salt Lake, I found one that will work...for now....

This is what I ended up getting. I purchased it from Macy's on closeout for $120.00 for a King bedding set. It's by Martha Stewart and it's called Blossom and Vines. I was thinking about doing a whole "California Tropical Retreat" look with the rest of the room to tie in the pattern and the colors.

To be continued on pictures of the finished product, since I have yet to find curtains to match that I never ends!!!

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