Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dove Energy Glow Beauty Body Lotion

I have to be one of the whitest people I know. Strawberry blond hair and blue eyes never equalled a great tan. As a child, I was never able to tan very well. Whenever I went somewhere and was exposed to the sun, I ended up burnt all over with blisters. It just wasn't fair.

As a teenager, I experimented with tons of tinted lotions, and none provided a natural color. They all were too dark or turned me orange. There wasn't anything for those with porcelain complexion. When the spray tanning booth, Mystic Tan came out, I bought a membership to a local tanning salon. This was the first time I actually had a semi-natural looking tan. However, there were some negative aspects 1 - it was expensive and 2 - you had to get sprayed regularly to maintain the color, if not, you soon turn orange and the color becomes splotchy.

Well, with all the wonderful things that are out today, promising to lift your butt, make your boobs bigger, take away wrinkles, make you lose 100 lbs in a week, turn you into a super hero, and make the man of your dreams fall in love, I thought I would try one of the many tinted lotions.

My pick - Dove Energy Glow Beauty Body Lotion for fair skin tones. I have finally gotten this process down to a science. I only apply the lotion at night, when I know I will take a shower in the morning. I strip down, lather the lotion all over, stand around for a couple minutes until the lotion is dry and then get dressed in dark pj's that cover my legs and arms. In the morning, I hop in the shower and scrub off the excess with my favorite soap, Dove Energize Beauty Bar (which has little beads that gently exfoliate). When I step out, I have a darker complexion, without looking to fake.

Like I said before, consistency is key. I performed this application process a couple nights ago and I was able to maintain the color for a couple days. Today, the color is starting to fade bake and I will need to apply another coat tonight if I want to stay tanned.
I'm sure there are tons of tinted lotions that work just as good as the product I use, but for a product I can get just about anywhere for a good price, I am one very satisfied customer.

Another note, it may be a coincidence, but I have noticed that my hair on my legs hasn't grown as fast since I applied the lotion. Just thought I would throw that in....that alone is worth the try.

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