Monday, March 9, 2009

Covergirl Simply Ageless

I have been passing by this foundation so many times, wondering if it's as good as they say. Being 27, I haven't had a problem with too many wrinkles, but I do have a hard time with my foundation 1) watching my skin tone without giving me a orange chin line and 2) withstanding 12+ hours of wear and still look like it was just applied. Too many times I think I have found a great foundation...this is until I get an up close look in the mirror or catch myself in the mirror in natural light. So, being the curious person I am when it comes to new cosmetics, I bought it. A lot of users have a hard time trying to figure out how to open the package. Come on people!!!! I'm blond and I figured it out right away (no offence to blonds). You open the latch to get to the sponge and you twist the package to get to the foundation. As I stared down into this jar of foundation, I thought to myself "foundation mixed with a white substance isn't going to look good". I took the included sponge and lightly swirled it into the foundation. I then proceeded to apply.....I was surprised how light it was (in color). I think the cream mixed with the foundation dilutes the color somehow, which for some might not be a good thing, but for us FAIR gals, was just fine. I applied the foundation all over my face, making sure to get in each crack and cranny and then reached for my powder. Too many times, my powder makes my face look orange, when applied on top of my foundation. But this time, the whiteness of the foundation balanced perfectly with the powder. I actually looked natural, not made up. I haven't been using this foundation for very long but I can tell you, the color isn't orang'ey like most foundations and after wearing for a long period of time, I looked more dewy than splotchy. Try it out, it's a little pricey, but I think it's worth it.

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