Monday, March 9, 2009

Best Mascara Ever

So, a while ago I was walking through the cosmetic section of Walmart and came upon an
"end cap" of this weeks new item. "Maybeline Lash Stiletto" I said to myself, "another crappy mascara that never works". As I read the package and what it was supposed to do, I thought I would give it a try.

That night, I got home, went up to my master bathroom and tore open the package. I had already applied mascara that morning so I wasn't expecting a big difference. I twisted the cap off and started to apply.....

Wow!!! My lashes did appear longer, as if I were wearing false eyelashes!!

I continued to wear the product here and there and noticed I received more and more compliments about my lashes. My mother even stopped me in mid sentence and asked if I were wearing false lashes. Nope, just an awesome mascara! Try it, it is well worth it. Plus, it's a lot cheaper then those designer mascaras you see in department stores that promise one thing and don't measure up.

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